Are you looking for a professional plumbing company that treats you, and your wallet, with respect?  A technician that you can trust? Plumb Perfect is that company.  Committed to delivering the highest of services and satisfaction at the most honest pricing available in the Wenatchee Valley.  Call us today at 509.663.3602 and let us know how Plumb Perfect can help solve your problem.  We live by our motto, “It’s not done right, until it’s done Plumb Perfect”.

Wenatchee Water Main Service & Installation

Do you need professional Wenatchee water main installation? Call us at 509-663-3602 for fast, reliable service and upfront pricing on all our services. We will send a licensed technician to your home to assess the situation and provide you with the most practical water main solution.

Plumb Perfect can replace that leaking water main and save you “green” so you can afford to keep those plants and grass green. Conventional trenching and pipe boring are a few of the options that Plumb Perfect has at your disposal.

Conventional trenching is just that: digging a trench by hand from your water meter to the house. We carefully plan our path, remove necessary plants, cut out sod if necessary, and lay out tarps for the dirt to be placed on. This protects your existing lawn and allows us to clean up better. Although we are not landscapers, sometimes we might fool you with the final result.

Sometimes digging up your landscaping is not an option. Mole and directional drilling give us some additional tools in our toolbox to solve your problem. Small holes are created at the start and end (sometimes additional holes are necessary, but we try to avoid them) and from there we do what we can to keep it underground. Call Plumb Perfect for an estimate and allow us to make you feel comfortable with the options and the price.

If you need service for your water line and aren’t sure what to do, call Plumb Perfect at 509-663-3602 in the Wenatchee, WA area and we will send one of our experts to inspect your water main and provide you with a fast, cost-effective solution.