Are you looking for a professional plumbing company that treats you, and your wallet, with respect?  A technician that you can trust? Plumb Perfect is that company.  Committed to delivering the highest of services and satisfaction at the most honest pricing available in the Wenatchee Valley.  Call us today at 509.663.3602 and let us know how Plumb Perfect can help solve your problem.  We live by our motto, “It’s not done right, until it’s done Plumb Perfect”.

Wenatchee Water Heater Installation & Repair

Have you been looking for expert Wenatchee water heater installation and repair? Call us at 509-663-3602 so we can assess the situation and provide a solution. There’s nothing quite as frustrating as running out of hot water, so make the call and get an expert in there fix it as soon as possible.

It is nearly impossible to live without hot water. Washing your hands, washing clothes, taking a shower are all hampered by not having hot water. The problem is we just don’t think about it until it’s not there. Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance – a little bit goes a long ways. From “point of use” single faucet water heaters to 120 gallon water heaters, gas or electric, we are your one-stop shop. We diagnose and repair, or replace when necessary. We are experts when it comes to dealing with 240 volts of electricity or natural/propane gas. We take many hours of continuing education, to keep on top of new electrical codes and the latest in gas safety equipment. Both can be very dangerous, if not done correctly. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) is entirely possible, just make sure you protect yourself and your family. We can even answer some of your questions, but our licences are proof of our passion to do things correctly.

Not every water heater needs to be replaced. We can save you $$$HUNDREDS$$$ by testing and properly diagnosing the issue. We consider the age of the tank, what needs to be repaired and allow you to make an informed decision on how best to spend your hard earned money. Some companies pride themselves on selling, we pride ourselves on customer service and great information.

Has your water heater been causing your trouble? Call Plumb Perfect at 509-663-3602 in Wenatchee when you notice the first sign that something is wrong and we will provide you with a comprehensive solution.