Are you looking for a professional plumbing company that treats you, and your wallet, with respect?  A technician that you can trust? Plumb Perfect is that company.  Committed to delivering the highest of services and satisfaction at the most honest pricing available in the Wenatchee Valley.  Call us today at 509.663.3602 and let us know how Plumb Perfect can help solve your problem.  We live by our motto, “It’s not done right, until it’s done Plumb Perfect”.

Wenatchee Pipe Leaks, Splits & Replacement

Are you looking for professional Wenatchee burst pipe repair? Call 509-663-3603 today for fast, affordable service that will get the situation under control. There’s no need for you to suffer massive property damage when expert help is just a phone call away.

Plumb Perfect works with all kinds of pipe, water and waste. Copper, pex, cpvc, galvanized, abs, pvc, and cast iron, concrete, clay and orangeburg to name a few. We can handle it all from ¼” to 4″ and larger. We are also skilled with valving, pressure reducers, backflow preventers, zoning, balancing, recirculating and hydronic. Whether it’s a planned maintenance job or that emergency winter freeze break, Plumb Perfect can help solve your problem with one call. We REPAIR, thaw, heat tape and insulate pipes. We know water pipes; trust us to protect you and your investment.

Burst pipes are some of the scariest plumbing emergencies imaginable, and leaking pipes can sometimes be a hidden long-term disaster. Call Plumb Perfect at 509-663-3603 in the Wenatchee, WA area and we will send someone out right away to take charge and get everything under control.