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Wenatchee Garbage Disposal Repair & Installation

Garbage disposal broken? Call 509-663-3602 today for expert, dependable Wenatchee garbage disposal repair and installation and honest, upfront pricing. We will send a technician to your home when you call to inspect your system and provide a solution that gets your disposal working again.

Most people have a garbage disposal as a modern convenience, but never think about them until it isn’t working. By then, of course, it’s a disaster – it doesn’t drain, it’s a mess, oh my goodness, look at “that”.

From the basic ISE Badger 5 to more powerful and quieter models, Plumb Perfect installs them all. If not installed properly, disposals can leak, ruining the bottom of your sink cabinet or worse yet, your floor. Plumb Perfect can perform routine maintenance to make you disposal last longer. Bio-Clean is one of those maintenance items that we recommend customers use year round.

If your garbage disposal has been causing trouble in the kitchen, call Plumb Perfect at 509-663-3602 in Wenatchee, WA and we will schedule an appointment to get it working again, or, if necessary, install a new one.