Are you looking for a professional plumbing company that treats you, and your wallet, with respect?  A technician that you can trust? Plumb Perfect is that company.  Committed to delivering the highest of services and satisfaction at the most honest pricing available in the Wenatchee Valley.  Call us today at 509.663.3602 and let us know how Plumb Perfect can help solve your problem.  We live by our motto, “It’s not done right, until it’s done Plumb Perfect”.

Isn’t it wonderful when they’re working?

It is devastating when drains don’t work. Whether it is a toilet not flushing, the kitchen sink sitting full of water, or the entire house flooding from a clogged main line, Plumb Perfect can help. We have new state of the art power and hand driven cables to clear any drain. Don’t use those nasty chemicals that are dangerous for you, your children and pets. Cable cleaning is fast, environmentally friendly and easier on your plumbing system when done correctly. It does not weaken or degrade your plumbing system like the harsh chemicals that you can buy at the grocery or hardware store, AND it does a better job for longer lasting results which, in the end, saves you time and money.

We also offer other services when in comes to drains:

Hydro-jetting, high pressure water scouring, is also used to clean drain lines. We have high pressure lines that can clean your pipes from 1 1/2″ to 6″. This method is used when pipes are draining, but maybe not well. It is an excellent method to gain extra life between maintenance cleanings.

Bio-clean is another excellent resource in the maintenance of your drain system. Bio-clean is environmentally friendly, unlike the harsh acids that are available at your local grocery or hardware store and dangerous to you and your family, it is safe around children and pets. However, don’t mistake “safe” for “weak”! Bio-clean will powerfully help clean your pipes and lengthen the time between maintenance. Enzymes begin to break down the biodegradables and bacteria eat that waste, converting it water and gas.

Another good product is Root-X which is a foaming root killer that actually comes with a manufacture’s guarantee to help keep mainlines clear between maintenance cleanings. Wow, a guarantee, not only from Root-X, but from Plumb Perfect! You can always trust we will only recommend courses of action that we know will be effectual, efficient and cost effective.

Camera Locating
Plumb Perfect also uses a state of the art camera, with a locating beacon in the camera head. We can send this fiber optic camera down the drain line in question and see exactly what the issue is affecting your drain line. It is accurate to within a 1’ up and down and left and right, In today’s’ age, they say information is KING, and this camera provides information that is priceless.