Are you looking for a professional plumbing company that treats you, and your wallet, with respect?  A technician that you can trust? Plumb Perfect is that company.  Committed to delivering the highest of services and satisfaction at the most honest pricing available in the Wenatchee Valley.  Call us today at 509.663.3602 and let us know how Plumb Perfect can help solve your problem.  We live by our motto, “It’s not done right, until it’s done Plumb Perfect”.

Wenatchee Backflow Testing & Installation Services

Do you need expert Wenatchee Backflow Testing and Installation services? We will send a licensed plumber to inspect and fix your damaged pipes when you call 509-663-3602 today. Backflow testing is an important service that helps you save money and reduce the amount of disruption caused by conventional services.

Backflow protection is essential at many levels. At its core, it is the water purveyor’s responsibility to deliver clean, contaminant free water to our communities. Licensed plumbers, like Plumb Perfect’s techs, assist the water purveyors by installing devices on water systems that prevent the backflow of potential contaminants into the public water system. There are varying degrees of threats, thus there are varying devices that offset this risks. We are experts in this field, educated to identify these risk and give you the most practical solutions. Some companies want your dollars; we want you as a customer and a friend. Call us and we can identify the possible need, the installation, testing and registering of your device.

Damaged water pipes don’t have to end up costing you a fortune to get repaired. Just call Plumb Perfect at 509-663-3602 in the Wenatchee, WA area and we will find the source of the problem and put our backflow expertise to good use.